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30 September 2016
“Seminario conclusivo del progetto LIFE MED HISS: condivisione dei risultati e riflessioni metodologiche”
Struttura Complessa a Direzione Universitaria
Servizio Sovrazonale di Epidemiologia ASL TO3 partner progettuale
Via Sabaudia, 164 – 10095 Grugliasco (TO)
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13-14 September 2016
Final conference of MED HISS project “Mediterranean Health Interview Surveys Studies: long term exposure to air pollution and health surveillance”
Xké? Il laboratorio della curiosità
Via Gaudenzio Ferrari, 1 – 10124 Turin/Italy
During the Conference, the project results have been presented (on 13th of September) and discussed with regional stakeholders (on 14th of September).
The knowledge about health impacts of air pollutants evolves thanks to scientific studies and air quality standards require periodic scientific reviews.
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LOCAL EVENT LIFE12 ENV/IT/000834 MED HISS "MED HISS project and health impact of air pollution in Piedmont:preliminary findings"
MED HISS in support of Piedmont Air Quality Regional Plan
Turin, 7th July 2016

DIREZIONE REGIONALE “Ambiente, Governo e Tutela del territorio” - Via Principe Amedeo, 17

The purpose of the MED HISS LIFE project (LIFE12 ENV/IT/000834 MED HISS) is to set up a new way, less expensive than the common ones, to monitor long term health effects of air pollution over time, covering the whole national territories and all European population.

One of the aims of LIFE projects aim is to communicate results and encourage their usability for stakeholders (including decision makers), in order to support research activities and current Government needs. The local meeting, entitled “MED HISS project and health impact of air pollution in Piedmont” would seek to establish and enforce connection with decision making and stakeholders on the theme of Health Impact Assessment.

This workshop has been organized within the framework of MED communication activities and is coordinated by ARPA Piemonte. It intends to provide Piedmont regional decision makers with useful information to quantify air pollution impact in Piedmont region, with the purpose of supporting the upcoming Regional air quality Plan, to be approved by Piedmont Region in autumn 2016.

Two other European projects have been invited to take part to the workshop because of the affinity of project themes, in order to implement MED HISS networking activities and to enforce knowledge transfer and exchange (KTE).

The first part will focus on presentations by invited experts and conference participants wishing to present their work.
The Panel discussion focused on the applicability of project results for the purposes of assessments of health impacts (Health Impact Assessment) within the future Regional air quality Plan. The main aim was to set goals, schedule activities and define products to cooperate with stakeholders for the realization of the abovementioned plan.

Italian national thematic meeting on environment and health
The LIFE GIOCONDA (LIFE13 ENV/IT/000225) project organised a LIFE national thematic meeting in Florence, Italy, on 13 April 2016, to discuss governance issues relating to the environment and human health. The meeting was organised with the collaboration of the Office for Participation Policies of the Tuscany Region, and support from the Italian LIFE monitoring team (NEEMO).
4 May 2016 (Italian version)
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Air Quality 2016, Milan, 14-18 March 2016, ENEA and ARPAP reported into a Poster for Air Quality Conference March 2016, the findings on exposure assessment conducted within Action B1 [ Download poster ]
Utrecht, 2-3 November 2015 “Best abstract award” at ISEE-Europe Early Career Researchers Conference on Environmental Epidemiology
MED HISS working group won the “Best abstract award” at the ISEE-Europe Early Career Researchers Conference on Environmental Epidemiology for the communication “Long-term exposure to air pollution and mortality: a nationwide small area study in Spain (LIFE MED-HISS project)” presented by Xavier Basagana of CREAL
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