Actions and means involved

The project consists of 5 main technical actions:

  1. Collection of air pollution existing dispersion models and pollutant mapping
    • First action meeting Bologna M 09/2013
      Air pollution mapping protocol D 12/2013 : The objective of the B1 action was to make a map at municipality scale of air pollution for each country involved in the MED-HISS project, combining two sources of information: monitoring network and numerical models. The air quality maps have been produced for the following pollutants: PM10, PM2.5, NO2, NOx, O3. It was necessary to share a protocol for data collection and map construction
    • End of collection of environmental data M 06/2014
    • End of map construction (procedure) M 03/2015
      D The exposure assessment study results were presented to Air Quality Conference 2016
  2. Collection of health data: NHIS data, mortality data, morbidity data
    • Second action meeting Paris M 01/2014
      Health data collection protocol required in letter IncReport 03/2015: Taking into account all the published scientific evidence on long-term health effects of air pollution, the CB specified a list of health outcomes and of confounders/effect modifiers and co-morbidities factors. Restrictive privacy policies, arisen in Spain and Slovenia after the start of the project, didn’t allow the individual linkage between NHIS sampled subjects and mortality/morbidity data. An ecological approach was set up as alternative study design based on aggregated data in all countries. In Italy it will be possible to compare the results of the two approaches
    • End of health data collection M 06/2015
  3. Pooling together health and air pollution data (data linkage)
    • MID TERM workshop Barcelona M 11/2014
    • Environmental and survey data pooled M 09/2015
      A feasibility study (D) has been conducted in order to create a shared common European air quality map useful for epidemiological purposes: One of the main dissemination tools of the project is a presentation including the maps obtained and the health data collection (under construction). This will permit to simply describe methodological framework to stakeholders
  4. Risk estimation of long term effect of PM2.5, PM10, NO2, O3 on mortality and hospitalization outcomes
    • Fourth action meeting Ljubljana M 07/2015
    • Evaluation of statistical modelling details completed M 09/2015
      Report of the statistical modelling that will be used in the analysis D 09/2015: The aim of this action was to develop statistical models useful to analyze the data collected. Two different types of analyses have been carried on: an individual study in order to have a comparison with results from literature for the effects of PM10, PM2.5, NO2 and O3 and an ecological approach to overcome the linkage limitations due to the restrictive legislation in Spain and Slovenia. The statistical protocol reports all the analytical steps to be undertaken in the epidemiological evaluation, included the procedures to estimate standardized variable for the control of the confounding factors (Action B3) discussed in Ljubljana
  5. Health impact assessment (HIA) of air pollution in 4 EU countries: France, Italy, Spain (Catalonia), Slovenia
    • Implementation of spreadsheets for HIA calculation M 09/2015
    • End of analysis of health effect of air pollutant on mortality M (12/2015 on going)
    • End of analysis of health effect of air pollutant on hospitalizations M (12/2015 on going)

To this technical actions, the following three groups of actions are implemented, to ensure proper implementation of the project and the dissemination of its results:

  1. Monitoring the impact of the project actions
  2. Communication and dissemination
    • Website publication M 12/2013
      M The website has been published in march 2015 and is currently updated
    • Collocation of the notice boards M 01/2014
      M Notice board in English, French, Italian and Spanish language have been produced.
    • Preparatory meeting for final conference (Barcelona fare link a Meeting Barcelona 2015) M 12/2015
      M The meeting was devoted to prepare presentation of the results foreseeing the use of different communication tools for targeted stakeholders.
  3. Co-ordination, management and monitoring
    • - Kick off MED HISS meeting M 07/2013 (Turin fare link a Kick off MED HISS)
      M The kick off meeting was held in Turin, on 18-19th November, 2013, during the meeting each partner introduced its own activities and role in the project. The Coordinator presented a general overview of the project and a detailed description of each single action. All important details on the financial and administrative forms were illustrated.

Since the start of the project and by now, three Reports have been delivered, in line with the amended Proposal:

  • Delivery of Inception report D 03/2014
  • Delivery of MID TERM report D 03/2015
  • Delivery of Progress report D 03/2016

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