Coordinating Beneficiary Project Team

Piedmont Regional Environmental Protection Agency (ARPA)

The Department of Epidemiology and Environmental Health of the Regional Environmental Protection Agency is a member of the Regional Epidemiological Network (i.e. the Regional Epidemiological Observatory) with the same function.
The Regional Environmental Protection Agency (ARPA) of Piedmont is a public and technical agency with about 1300 units of personnel and an annual budget of about 100 millions of Euro.
The institution routinely measures and collects environmental data and has direct access to all health data (like natality, mortality, hospital admissions, drug prescription, cancer incidence), necessary for epidemiological purposes, available within the Regional Epidemiological Observatory. The air pollution experts of the Agency will closely collaborate within the project, along with local advisors.
The Department has been participating, as partner, at several European collaborative studies under the 4Th, 5th, and 6TH Framework Programs (APHEA, APHEA2, PHEWE, HYENA).
In particular, the Department have experience in air pollution epidemiology and they have conducted several studies on respiratory and cardiovascular outcomes at international and national level (Italian MISA and MISA2, AIRPOLLNET, EPIAIR and EPIAIR2 project). The Unit is also participating to several national studies for assessment of health effects of environmental factors, particularly in the field of waste treatment, chemical contamination of soil and water, noise, electromagnetic fields.
The Department has published about 50 papers (reference in Medline) on the effects of environmental exposures.

Ennio Cadum, project coordinator
Giovanna Berti, project coordination and management
Moreno Demaria, statistician
Stefania Franco, administration
Martina Gandini, environmental data statistician
Maria Rowinski, communication coordinator
Cecilia Scarinzi, health data statistician

The Department “Sistemi Previsionali” of Arpa Piemonte carries out processes related to the systematic study, organization and dissemination of information associated to the elements of physical and chemical environment and climate of the Piedmont Region, to forecast and the prevent natural and environmental risks.
Regarding air quality issue, to support the Piedmont regional Plans the Department manages the air quality monitoring regional network, develops and implements modelling systems for yearly assessment of Piedmont air quality and for scenario analysis.

Mauro Grosa, air pollution coordinator
Stefano Bande, air pollution modeller
Monica Clemente, air pollution modeller
Roberta De Maria, air pollution modeller
Stefania Ghigo, modeller statistician

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