Environmental data protocol meeting, 26 February 2014, Bologna

The MED HISS Environmental data protocol meeting took place in Bologna at the end of February 2014.
The meeting has been foreseen to coordinate action B1 “Pollutant data mapping” job: summary of action objectives, deliverables and milestones, focusing the attention on the first deadline.
Summary of action B1 Pollutant data mapping, with the timetable, deliverables and milestones. It is reminded that this action consists of four sub-action: B.1 – protocol, B1.2 - data collection, B1.3:- air quality mapping, B1.4: exposure assessment. Output for action B1.3 is maps of the spatial distributions of pollutant concentrations at grid scale, after the data assimilation procedure. Output for action B1.4 is exposure assessment at municipality scale for each country and for each pollutant. The protocol will cover all the four sub-actions, and will be ready for the inception report.
Air pollution data input collection will be ended by the end of June 2014. Mapping of existing data will be produced by the end of December 2014.
It is reminded that the main output of action C1 consists of the presentation of epidemiological air pollution map to European Union and local stakeholders, at the beginning of July 2015.
ARPAP is in charge of the methods to improve the goodness of exposure assessment for epidemiological purposes.

Summary of data available by all partners, with information gathered from the two previous meetings were presented. All partners have model data for NO2, PM10, PM2.5 and O3 as planned.

Summary of health available data by all partners were presented: Interview Surveys (year of recruitment, statistical units, possible bias, minimum aggregated geographical level), linkable databases (type of database, follow-up, foreseen success rate) and health variables (related to general characteristics, socio-economic status, health status and health related behaviour macro-group).

The partners joined the meeting, except for UPMC (France) that was connected from Paris via Skype and for SEPI (Italy) that was connected from Turin via videoconference. The project external expert was present too.

Environmental data protocol meeting, agenda