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Life Med Hiss joined the “Life KTE Envhealth Network”
Knowledge Transfer and Exchange in Environment and Health

Knowledge Transfer and Exchange
Knowledge Transfer & Exchange (KTE) is the process of sharing timely, useful evidence-based research findings with decision-makers and others who use research. KTE also involves actively engaging external audiences in research to make studies more relevant. (IWH)

The Life KTE Envhealth network was established after the LIFE National Thematic Meeting “Participation, risk perception, knowledge transfer and exchange in environment and health” held in Florence, Italy, on 13 April 2016.
During the meeting, LIFE projects discussed about governance issues related to the environment and human health. The questions related to Knowledge Transfer and Exchange (KTE) among researchers, public administrators and other stakeholders are a priority for each of the participating LIFE. LIFE projects in fact, share the ambition and the imperative to contribute to evidence informed public decisions, taking into account scientific knowledge and demands of the whole society.
The network aims at exchanging experiences and enhance the work in progress, promoting the integration of scientific competences.
The goal is to enhance both the process of evidence-based decision-making and the policy uptake of the outcomes of EU-funded research in the field of environmental science and public health.
During the meeting held in Florence, the participants shared their experience and knowledge and discussed the best communication channels and tools to reach policy-makers, stakeholders and professionals. The knowledge of different “publics”, an analysys of their information needs and risk perception is a pre-requisite for enhancing engagement and participation to improve governance in the environment and health governance.
A number of proposals emerged during the thematic meeting, including the organization of a Thematic Platform Meeting on Knowledge Transfer and Exchange (KTE) for Environment and Health in 2017, as well as ideas for further analysis and studies.

13th April 2016, The LIFE GIOCONDA (LIFE13 ENV/IT/000225) project organized a LIFE national thematic meeting in Florence, Italy, to discuss governance issues relating to the environment and human health. The meeting was organized with the collaboration of the Office for Participation Policies of the Tuscany Region, and support from the Italian LIFE monitoring team (NEEMO).

14th November 2016, The KTE LIFE EnvHealth Network, with external experts in Rome, National Research Council, P. le Aldo Moro 7, Sala Silvestri.
During the meeting, the working group recalled the main assumptions of the topic and deepened the role and the use of questionnaires and tools to promote participation; we took them as examples of the integration of the theoretical and practical tools created by the social sciences into projects where the natural sciences have a major role.
The last part of the workshop has been dedicated to raise concrete proposals for the network’s continuation and have been carried out splitting the participants into two sub-groups.

23 May 017 In the second national meeting the KTE EnvHealth Network participants have discussed on goals achieved and planned future activities. This meeting was part of the LIFE 25 YEARS celebration.

To celebrate this milestone the LIFE community organised a series of events around Europe during May 2017, a date that also marks a quarter century of the EU Habitats Directive and Natura 2000 network of protected areas.

5. The Life KTE Envhealth - Networking Life+

Here it is a list of LIFE projects presently involved in environmental and health issues to establish a KTE EnvHealth Network.

Other LIFE projects are invited to join the network by writing to, GIOCONDA Project Manager.

For more complete information please consult the page of the Rete KTE Knowledge Transfer and Exchange