Networking with other projects

A range of regional and sub regional initiatives and programmes on air pollution and health are currently ongoing in the Mediterranean area. To achieve synergies between MED HISS and such initiatives, Life Med Hiss joined the "Life KTE Envhealth Network" Knowledge Transfer and Exchange in Environment and Health. LIFE projects in fact, share the ambition and the imperative to contribute to evidence informed public decisions, taking into account scientific knowledge and demands of the whole society. Network activities aim at exchanging experiences and enhance the work in progress, promoting the integration of scientific competences.

MED HISS project has been widespread and directly connected to other European projects in which the CB and the AB were already involved.
Below the list with a brief description of the aforementioned diffusion.

Having Been invited to take part in the MED HISS Final Conference
AIRUSE, Testing and Development of air quality mitigation measures in Southern Europe, LIFE11ENV/ES/584: Arpa Piemonte invited X.Querol, AIRUSE project coordinator as external expert and member of SC of LIFE MED HISS Project. Querol participated to the kick-off meeting in Turin as well as to other meetings and showed how to contribute with the experiences accrued in AIRUSE to a better definition of air pollution exposure in MED HISS Project.  
Having Been invited to take part in the MED HISS Final Conference
GIOCONDA, I GIOvani CONtano nelle Decisioni su Ambiente e salute, Partecipazione, percezione del rischio, trasferimento e scambio di conoscenze in ambiente e salute. Life KTE Envhealth Network member
Having Been invited to take part in the MED HISS Final Conference
MAPEC, Monitoring air pollution effects on children for supporting Public Health Policy, LIFE12 ENV/IT/000614 : The project was presented at the MED HISS Bologna meeting. One of the main aim of this project is to evaluate the association between parameters of air pollution and early biological effects in children. One of the city involved is Turin (Italy).  
LIFE+ MED-Particles, Particles size and composition in Mediterranean countries: geographical variability and short-term health effects, ENV/IT/000327. Arpa Piemonte and CREAL/ISGLOBAL were two of the partners of MED HISS project.
  • LIFE MEDPARTICLES Final Conference: ARPA Piemonte took part in “Networking with other LIFE+ projects”, with a communication about the start of MED HISS project () Rome, 10 July 2013.
VIIAS Valutazione Integrata dell’Impatto dell’Inquinamento atmosferico sull’Ambiente e sulla Salute : Il Progetto VIIAS, finanziato nel quadro delle iniziative del Centro Controllo Malattie (CCM) del Ministero della Salute, ha effettuato la valutazione integrata dell’inquinamento atmosferico in Italia valutando l’intera catena di eventi (dalle politiche, alle fonti di esposizione, alle modalità di esposizione, agli impatti) che possono influire sulla salute della popolazione.  
ESCAPE, European Study of Cohorts for Air Pollution Effects, ENV.2007. ARPA Piemonte, already involved in the exposure assessment done for the city of Turin.
  • Participation to UE "2013 mobility week” intitled “Clean air – it’s your move", with the presentation of MED-HISS project activities. During the workshop EPIAIR2 project and ESCAPE project results were presented, Turin (Italy), 16th September 2013.
PART'AERA Un progetto europeo Alcotra per l’armonizzazione della conoscenza sui metodi di misura e sull’analisi dell’origine dell’inquinamento da polveri : Piedmont Region and Turin Province are institutional Partners of this project due to the aim of PART'AERA project that examines in depth particulate matter components and to the connections with institutional partners, ARPA Piemonte has been involved.
  • Conférence PART'AERA et la qualitè de l'air, Turin (Italy), 12 March 2015.
TAB Take A Breath, Better Air Quality for a better Europe : ARPA Piemonte was involved in this project with the aim to study in Torino and Sangone valley the atmospheric pollutant impact on human health starting from CTM model output.  
EXPAH, Population Exposure to PAH, LIFE09 ENV/IT/000082: The EXPAH project aimed to address the environmental and health problems caused by the emission, dispersion and transformation of PAH compounds. Its overall goal was to identify and to quantify exposure among children and elderly people to PAH content in particulate matter in the city of Rome and to assess the impact on human health, in order to support environmental policy and regulation in this field.
  • EXPAH Project Final Conference, ARPA Piemonte presented MED HISS, Rome, 11 June 2014.
Demetriq, Developing Methodologies to Reduce Inequalities in the Determinants of Health, FP7 Health programme : ASLTO3, MED HISS partner, is directly involved as partner in this project thanks to the double role of Giuseppe Costa, director of Epidemiology Unit ASLTO3 and Professor in the University of Turin. The experiences in social inequalities depth in this project will be used in MED HISS analyses.  
EUROTHINE "Tackling Health Inequalities in Europe" : Describing international patterns of socioeconomic inequalities in health-related behaviour, with emphasis on alcohol consumption, smoking and overweight and studying associations with international patterns of inequalities in associated health outcomes, such as alcohol- and smoking-related causes of death.  
HIA21, Health Impact Assessment, Agenda 21, LIFE10 ENV/IT/000331: Participatory evaluation of the health, environmental and socioeconomic impact of urban waste treatment. Life KTE Envhealth Network member
PERSUADED, Phthalates and bisphenol A biomonitoring in Italian mother-child pairs: link between exposure and juvenile diseases : Phthalates and Bisphenol A, extensively used as plasticizers, are non-persistent environmental contaminants whose well documented presence in humans raises concern since they act as endocrine disruptors (EDs), thus potentially affecting human health. EDs exposure during childhood deserves special attention since this represents a crucial susceptible phase of development. Life KTE Envhealth Network member
AIS, Aerobiological Information Systems and allergic respiratory disease management : The AIS project proposes a series of realistic objectives to be achieved within its proposed time frame and means, which work towards to overall project aim: to develop the information base for policy on environment and health, in terms of improved management of pollen-related allergic respiratory diseases. Life KTE Envhealth Network member
CROME, Cross-Mediterranean Environment and Health Network, LIFE12ENV/GR/001040 : Assessment of the impact on human health due to exposure to chemical agents originating either from environmental contamination or from consumer products. A technically feasible integrated methodology for interpretation of human biomonitoring data. Life KTE Envhealth Network member
GHOST, Techniques to reduce the impacts of ghost fishing gears and to improve biodiversity in north Adriatic coastal areas : The project GHOST - co-funded under the LIFE + Biodiversity Instrument of the European Union, promotes concrete measures to preserve and improve the ecological status of the rocky habitats (Tegnùe) in the north Adriatic sea. Life KTE Envhealth Network member
MERMAIDS, Mitigation of microplastics impact caused by textile washing processes : Fibers discharged from washing synthetic cloths are a major contributor of the plastic soup. Microplastics concentrate persistent organic pollutants that can be ingested by marine biota, introducing toxic pollutants to the food chain. Life KTE Envhealth Network member
ERA-ENVHEALTH, Coordination of National Environment And Health Research Programmes –Environment And Health Era-Net, FP7ENV-2007-1.2.3-01: Collaboration in research to help tackle the challenges in environment and health and their policy implications.  

Participation to meetings with counterparts from European countries