Final Conference 13-14 September 2016

13-14 September 2016
Final conference of MED HISS project “Mediterranean Health Interview Surveys Studies: long term exposure to air pollution and health surveillance”
Xké? Il laboratorio della curiosità
Via Gaudenzio Ferrari, 1 – 10124 Turin/Italy

Air pollution is a wider environmental stressor for health protection in Europe and its effects need to be known and monitored in all European environments and climates. In previous epidemiological studies of the short-term effects of air pollution the Mediterranean area turned out to show the highest risks, for the same pollutants, compared to central and northern European countries. But no national studies of the long-term health effect of air pollution are available to date in the Mediterranean area.

During the Conference, the project results have been presented (on 13th of September) and discussed with regional stakeholders (on 14th of September).
The knowledge about health impacts of air pollutants evolves thanks to scientific studies and air quality standards require periodic scientific reviews.

The role of epidemiology is to conduct research that contributes to this review process and to the efficacy of regulatory actions about health impacts.
These results should support and address local and national policy-makers in order to set up effective policies for public health.