Participation to meetings with counterparts from European countries

Members of the project team participated in several meetings and discussions with partners where they gained new information and also shared their experiences. Cooperation with each partner is expected after project activities completion too.
Among synergies established and advanced during all the development of project activities MED HISS project has been presented during the following events.

KTE EnvHealth Networking meeting - Knowledge transfer and exchange in EnvHealth risk governance, Roma, 14 November 2016
Presentation of MED HISS project to Italian Epidemiology Association 40° Congress AIE, Turin, 19-21 October 2016
Turin, MED HISS final workshop, SEPI - Epidemiology Unit, ASL TO3 Piedmont Region, Grugliasco (Turin), 30 September 2016
Final conference of MED HISS project, Xké? Il laboratorio della curiosità, 13-14 September 2016
Barcelona - Xavier Basagana, Associate Research Professor of CREAL/ISGLOBAL participated as professor in the following course organized by LIFE AIRUSE: In particular, gave the lecture: "The coupling of PMF with epidemiological data", Barcelona, 14-16 June 2016
Participation with the presentation of MED HISS to LIFE AIRUSE project Final International Conference, Barcelona, 18-19 April 2016
Networking Progetto LIFE Gioconda, GIOvani CONtano nelle Decisioni su Ambiente e salute, MED-HISS Workshop IFC-CNR, Pisa, 16 March 2016
LIFE National Thematic Meeting “Participation, risk perception, knowledge transfer and exchange in environment and health”, Florence, Italy, 13 April 2016
Networking VIIAS project, "La Valutazione Integrata dell’Impatto dell’Inquinamento atmosferico sull’Ambiente e sulla Salute in Italia", Rome, 4 June 2015
Conférence PART’AERA et la qualité de l’air, Turin, 12 March 2015
Poster session at ISEE-EUROPE 2014, Young Researchers Conference on Environmental Epidemiology CREAL, Barcelona, 20-21 October, 2014
MAPEC - Monitoring of Air Pollution Effects on children to support public health policies Local workshop LIFE12 ENV/IT/000614, Turin, 14 October 2014
EXPAH - Population Exposure to PAH LIFE09 ENV/IT/000082, 11 June 2014
MED HISS Technical meeting – Action B2 Monday, 20 January: Life+ Networking: LIFE11ENV/ES/584 AIRUSE (X. Querol, MED HISS External expert). Paris, 20-21 January, 2014
Presentation at the Italian ministry of health within the final conference of the Italian EPIAIR2 project, Rome, 16 December 2013
Aggiornamento e divulgazione: attività inerenti l’inquinamento atmosferico ed i suoi effetti (course organized by ARPA Piemonte), Turin, 2 December 2013
Kick off meeting LIFE+ projects call 2012, Rome (Italy), November 2013
LIFE-MED HISS kick off meeting: Opening and discussing the forthcoming activities of the MED HISS Life+ project and Life+ Networking: LIFE11ENV/ES/584_AIRUSE (X. Querol, MED HISS External expert), Turin, 18 November 2013
ARPA Piemonte took part in UE “2013 mobility week” intitled “Clean air – it’s your move”, with the presentation of MED-HISS project activities. During the workshop EPIAIR2 project and ESCAPE project results were presented, Turin (Italy), 16 September 2013.
International Society for Environmental Epidemiology (ISEE) Conference 2013, Basel (Switzerland), 19-23 August 2013
MED-Particles - LIFE10 ENV/IT/327, MED HISS presentation available in section “All the presentations of the MED-Particles Final Conference”, Rome, 9-10 July 2013